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‘Negotiating with Microsoft’ Book Feedback

I have started to receive feedback for ‘Negotiating with Microsoft’ by Daryl Ullman:

An excellent overview on how to prepare to negotiate with Microsoft and what your options are, with guidance on what can (should!) be negotiated.

Richard Weigel

I found the book extremely insightful. It will definite be a great tool for anyone preparing for negotiation. From getting all your upfront information in order to what to expect in the negotiation process, this book covers it.

The strategies outlined in the book will definitely help to reduce cost. I believe anyone could incoorporate them in to their negotiation process. With the tools provided, they could even be used for others negotiations besides Microsoft. Nothing comes to mind. As is, this is a great starting point for anyone getting ready to start the negotiation process.

Joseph Armenteros
Baptist Health

A nicely structured roadmap for preparing for and conducting a major agreement negotiation with Microsoft. Going back to my first Microsoft negotiation, every aspect of it was “learn as you go, on your own”. This book can guide the “first timer” through and “remind the veteran” of the many aspects to Microsoft licensing and contracts. Having this information in one place, presented by a subject matter expert with a “peer” approach, validates what I do and gives me new ideas for approaching Microsoft licensing.

One of the very useful items was a clear layout of virtualisation rights. I plan to employ the “uplift” option to move some Windows Server licenses to DataCenter versions to have ability to deploy unlimited VM’s.

Regardless of (your) experience level, Microsoft (either via your rep or their websites) doesn’t do enough to provide training on their licensing.

Bill Felice
Temple University

Read your book in a couple of hours. I think it has a lot of valuable tips and best practices from your many years on the field. Outstanding work!

Jacobo Senior

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