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A Showcase of ITAM Vendors Using ISO/IEC 19770-2 Software Tags

Best In Class

Steve Klos and I have been reviewing ITAM vendors use of software tags over the last couple of weeks.

Three things have stood out for me during the review process:

  1. VENDORS USING TAGS TO GREAT EFFECT: There is a genuine interest from vendors in the implementation of tags. The general feedback from the tool vendors we spoke to was that software publishers implementing tags in their software couldn’t happen soon enough. I thought there might be some reticence on behalf of tools vendors, implementing the use of tags begrudgingly because of end user demand, but nothing could be further from the truth. Tools vendors were keen to adopt tags because it means the cost of maintaining an accurate view for clients is easier and cheaper. For many vendors keeping an accurate view of their software libraries or SKU databases is an ongoing burden.
  2. ISO19770-2 MAKING A DIFFERENCE: The ISO/IEC 19770 standard is all about making recognition and reconciliation easier – it is very good to actually see it in practice. It really cuts out the noise allowing SAM administrators to cut to the chase. Within the tools we reviewed it was very easy, within a few clicks – to focus in on entitlements and risk.
  3. VALIDATION OF THE MODEL: Finally, it is great to see it all coming together. The GSA getting behind the standard and reviewing use of tags in future contracts means the snowball is definitely gaining momentum.

Results of the ‘Best Use of Software Tags Contest‘ will be published next week.

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