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Software Compliance Guaranteed? [Straw Poll]

Gartner mentioned an interesting concept in their April 2010 Marketscope for ITAM tools.

In the section on Software License Compliance they state that some organisations view their ITAM program as an insurance policy against the threat of software audits (Invest fixed costs in one to prevent larger unplanned costs in the other).

“Savvy IT organisations recognise that, when an audit occurs, the cost of purchasing additional licenses and ‘truing up’ could be significantly higher than the cost of implementing an ITAM program, which creates the perception that ITAM can be compared to an insurance policy. ” Gartner 2010

Underwriting the Risk of Non-Compliance

I have mentioned before about SAM partners being more proactive in sharing the risks and rewards of managing software. The purpose of working with a SAM business partner is to lower the ongoing cost of software and mitigate the risk of non-compliance – but what about Guaranteed Software Compliance?

What if your SAM partner offered to underwrite the risks and payout like an insurance policy in the event non-compliance?

In theory it means your business partner would have a very strong commercial interest in your software compliance. It might also make the process of selling SAM to the business easier; for a fixed cost the CFO can eliminate the threat of compliance audits. Businesses thrive on predictable fixed costs with no nasty surprises.

Straw Poll

Please take a few minutes to share you feedback with my quick straw poll on Guaranteed Software Compliance.

Click here to take survey Closed – thank you to all those that participated. See the results here.

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