Process Template: Software Authorization and Procurement

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One of our Virtual User Group (VUG) members has kindly shared their process for authorization and procurement of software.

If you are starting to build your process from scratch or looking to refresh your existing processes I hope you find this document useful.

I have stripped away any references that might identify the company and published the document under a creative commons license. In layman’s terms this means you can share, remix or build upon this document for your own use. If you wish to publish it elsewhere please let others know where you found it!

This process is currently being used by the company for desktop software requests.  Any request must be submitted via their helpdesk system and passed onto the procurement team to ascertain whether licensing is needed, and then identify the next steps required to satisfy the request whilst maintaining records and compliance.

What do you think of the process? What is being missed? Are there any areas that could be improved or made more efficient?

If you have a similar written process map that you would like to share for the benefit of others please give me a shout.

Links to this document in PDF and original PowerPoint formats are available in the Virtual User Group.

Learn more about the ITAM Review Virtual User Group here.


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