2012 SAM Tools Group Test

Full details of the 2012 SAM Tools Group Test will be published here. Product comparisons and market analysis will be posted here.

The vendors participating are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  1. 1E
  2. BMC Numara
  3. Concorde Solutions
  4. Flexera Software
  5. HP
  6. License Dashboard
  7. ServiceNow
  8. Symantec Altiris



The information contained in this review is based on sources and information believed to be accurate as of the time it was created. Therefore, the completeness and current accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed. Readers should therefore use the contents of this review as a general guideline and not as the ultimate source of truth.

Similarly, this review is not based on rigorous and exhaustive technical study. The ITAM Review recommends that readers complete a thorough live evaluation before investing in technology.

This is a paid review. That is, the vendors included in this review paid to participate in exchange for all results and analysis being published free of charge without registration. For further information please read the ‘Group Tests’ section on our Disclosure page.