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Gartner European SAM Briefings – “A License to Cost Money? – Get Software Costs Under Control!”

Gartner European SAM Briefings WHAT

Gartner Local SAM Briefings in Helsinki, Stockholm, London and Lisbon.

“A License to Cost Money? – Get Software Costs Under Control!”


What your organization would like to pay for software is not necessarily what it will cost you. Even the best software contract can become a bad deal when you are audited and found to be out of compliance. This event is for End Users Only.


  • Negotiating A Software License Agreement? – You Wont Save Money Unless You Comply With It! Many organizations focus on negotiating a good deal but if you don’t buy enough license rights to cover what your organization uses then you’re leaving more money on the table for the software supplier to collect at any time. Trying to negotiate a good software license agreement without software asset management is like trying to cook without a cooker. Sooner or later you’re going to get burned!
  • Are Your Software Licenses Being Audited? – Audit the Vendors Audit Process! Gartner clients continue to report increasingly frequent licence audits, resulting in undefended, unbudgeted and unmanaged costs. This is often due to control being ceded to auditors. Role play examples of internal and client/auditor interaction show different approaches with different outcomes. CIOs and IT managers who gain control of audits can improve vendor relationships and contain cost.




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