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VMworld TV: Oracle Licensing in Virtual Environments

An interesting video below recorded at VMworld in Barcelona featuring Oracle licensing specialist Daniel Hesselink and IT contracts specialist Judica Krikke.

An introduction from Daniel’s blog states:

“A brief summary on video about the presentation we’ve given at VMworld Barcelona, pointing out the licensing issues in virtualized environments. We hope this will clarify some of the misunderstandings, and enable you to flip the game around and push back to Oracle with more confidence.”

The two main questions answered are:

  1. How is Standard Edition for virtual environments possible with Oracle and Vsphere?
  2. When you install Oracle Enterprise Edition on a virtual machine do you have to pay for the sockets that the virtual machine lives on or pay for the entire cluster or is their an alternative?

Two great lines:

  • re: Choosing which version to install “Customers are installing Enterprise Edition because they are used to installing Enterprise Edition – but they don’t really need it”
  • re: Licensing Oracle in Virtual environmens within the Oracle contract “It’s basically incomprehensible!”
The Oracle ‘whitepaper’ Daniel and Judica refer to can be found here entitled ‘Oracle Partitioning Policy‘. Notice the bold type regarding using soft partitions and the comment in the footer stating it is for information use only and not relevant to your contract.

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  1. rlittleson says:

    There is also a great line in Oracle’s
    Partitioning Policy document – “Oracle may modify the definitions and conditions
    specified in this document from time to time.” This says it all! Oracle
    licensing has always been a minefield, but the complexity and challenge of achieving
    compliance for enterprises has grown substantially in the virtual environment.

    The only way that
    enterprises can really “push back” to Oracle is by automating the Oracle
    licence and contract management process. Based on the definitions Oracle offers
    on soft, hard and Oracle Trusted partition, it isn’t hard to see that keeping
    track of these manually will be a futile exercise. Technologies are available
    that allow proactive software license optimization.
    They automatically discover and inventory Oracle deployments
    and then compare that usage with unique contract terms. More
    importantly, such technologies enable enterprises to optimise their Oracle
    licences to maximise both value from the software and cost savings. This
    facilitates continuous compliance and active management of software spend.

    Randy Littleson
    Flexera Software

  2. Thanks Randy, I was going to quote that statement from the policy document – but it also states that that no part of this document may be reproduced without explicit permission so I left it alone! 🙂

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