Business Drivers for SAM Adoption

This is the second article from my SAM research project with Stephen Mann from Forrester Research looking at the partner / supplier element of our research. See also ‘Which services do SAM partners offer?‘.

This time we simply asked suppliers/partners and resellers “In your opinion what is the biggest driver for organizations adopting SAM?”

As you can see the three strongest business drivers were:

  • Cost Cutting – “We need to reduce software costs”
  • Vendor Audits – “We need to defend against, or clean up the mess after publisher-led audits”
  • Governance – “We need to reduce risk, unexpected software costs, adhere to regulations and maintain compliance”
Secondary business drivers were:
  • Software ROI – “We need to demonstrate the value of our software investments, return on investment, business value”
  • Visibility – “We just need better visibility of what we have so we can manage it more effectively”
  • Procurement – “We need to prepare for contract changes or renewals, we need to adhere to ever more complex license terms”
Finally, the last considerations with only minor influence included:
  • Operational Efficiency – “We need to reduce complexity on the Service Desk, improve service and manage the whole lifecycle more effectively”
  • Migration Planning – “We need to plan transitions to the cloud, new operating systems etc”
  • Security – “We need to monitor inappropriate apps, piracy, security risks”

In the next article I’ll dig into what blockers exist for SAM.


  • Survey conducted with ITAM Review newsletter subscribers in October 2012
  • Countries participating: 32
  • Total participants: 176

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Further analysis to follow. 


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  1. Stéphane Feuillu says:

    Hello Martin. I don’t know if I am anticipating your next article on the blockers. Anyway, I am curious to know to which extent CIO are reluctant to launch SAM efforts based on the idea of “If I start a SAM projects, it will end-up with true-up costs superior to potential savings” (at least in the short term).

    Or, to phrase my comment differently, which is the population talking about the “cost-cutting” driver ? Is it CEO, CIO, SAM people, consultants, etc…


  2. itsmreview says:

    The Blockers article will follow soon. We’ll then have the full picture.

  3. Björn Spåra says:

    Hi Martin,

    As the question was to identify the biggest driver for SAM (1) I think the total sum should be 100% right?

  4. itsmreview says:

    Hi Bjorn, answers were free form text and opposed to specific options, so some answers spanned multiple categories.

  5. I am suspecting the top 4 could actually be labelled the same thing, Vendor Audits.

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