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October News Roundup, Amazon to offer Active Directory as a service

October News Roundup

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Amazon to offer AD as a service

Amazon AWS are to offer Active Directory as a service – one less reason to suffer Microsoft licensing woes. Amazon state “this managed service provides two types of directories. You can connect to an existing on-premises directory or you can set up and run a new, Samba based dictionary in the cloud”. This service may give organisations the chance to pick between Microsoft’s AD or Amazon’s AD service, thus possibly reducing organisations spend on Microsoft licenses.

Salesforce’s UK datacentre opens for business

Computer Weekly have reported that salesforce have opened their first European datacentre in the UK. Salesforce have recently stated that they wanted to build more facilities within Europe, so this is the first step towards managing their customers data within Europe. Computer Weekly states “the datacentre is fully powered by renewable energy sources and supports the Salesforce’s sustainability objectives”.

Regular online attacks hit 40% of US citizens, Microsoft study shows

Microsoft have released shocking figures that state that 40% of US citizens have had weekly, or even daily attacks from hackers trying to access their personal information. Computer Weekly states ‘that figure compares to 18% of more than 1,000 US adults polled in August 2014 reporting daily or weekly fraud attempts via mobile phones and 22% via tablet computers”. Lets hope they have good security software!

Interesting Reads

Oracle E-Business Suite whitepaper

B-Lay released a white paper highlighting the compliance issues with Oracle E-Business suite. As B-Lay states “many enterprises make use of Oracle software. The attention required for managing the licenses and deployment of these software programs properly is often underestimated. This is not different for the management of Oracle’s E-Business Suite software programs”.

Impact of Virtualisation / Partitioning on Oracle Licence Assessments

A really interesting blog post from the team at ITAMS talking about the impact of Virtualisation and partitioning with regards to Oracle licensing. As ITAMS state “as the need for optimisation grows along with the cost of technical requirements, it seems that most companies choose to use virtualisation/partitioning technologies on their infrastructure, often without considering licensing implications and rules that may impact upon their environment”.

Oracle Audit: Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions

The ITAM Review published an article about the top 20 questions asked about Oracle audits. This article is published in conjunction with B-Lay. As the article states “if you ignore the request for a license review or license audit, the issue may be turned over to Oracle’s License Management Services department (or otherwise to Oracle’s Legal Department. Not cooperating with an official Oracle audit will be considered as a material breach of the license agreement resulting in legal steps from Oracle’s side”.

92% of customers say that Oracle does not clearly communicate licensing changes

Although technically published in November, we’ll include this in our October roundup, as it’s an important whitepaper. The Campaign for Clear Licensing has released a whitepaper, where the headline is “92% of customers say that Oracle does not clearly communicate licensing changes”. Mark Flynn, CEO of the CCL states “one of the Campaign’s stated roles is to meet with software publishers in order to improve dialogue with their customers and ultimately improve the experience for everyone involved. This is our first thorough review of a vendor’s approach to licensing for our members, and while the results might not surprise anyone who deals with Oracle software licensing on a day-to-day basis, the deeply negative experience of its customers should serve as a wake up call to Oracle”

Process of the month

Process of the month from Rory Canavan was the Software Removal Process. As Rory states “software removal best practice – software is a company asset and should be lent out on a piece of elastic – pinged back to the company if not in use”. Its a very important process that needs to be implemented within an ITAM estate, so its well worth a read.

Oracle Seminar

We announced last month that we were hosting an Oracle Seminar in London on the 21st November. October saw us create a promotional video for the event. We wanted it to be funny, relaxed but informative. To see the Oracle Seminar video click here.

We also released an ‘Outtakes’ video from our filming day for the Oracle Seminar. Even we get things wrong sometimes! To see the Outtakes video click here.

You can still book your place on the Oracle Seminar! Be quick though, only a few spaces left!

Out and about

Glenn and Mark will be at the IAITAM event in Ohio from the 4th-6th November.
Martin will be in India for the itSMF India event, for the week starting 3rd November. Come and say hello if you see them out and about! They wont bite!

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David Foxen is a Software Asset Management expert and enthusiast. He had a vast experience of successfully implementing SAM, SAM tools and also made huge cost savings. A member of the ISO Standards WG21, David is a massive ITAM geek, so uses any opportunity to talk about the subject to who-ever will listen. He believes that the industry needs to share its knowledge and success stories to help the SAM industry mature and become more effective. Always willing to help, his primary goal is to make a difference to organisations and the SAM industry so everyone will know how epic SAM is!

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