Podcast: Second Hand Software Licensing

In this Podcast Martin Thompson of The ITAM Review is joined by two ITAM professionals who share their knowledge and experience with regards to Second Hand Software. They are:

Podcast topics:

  • What is second hand software?
  • Where can I go to find second hand software?
  • Examples of the secondary use market in action
  • Second hand Market Directories
  • Audit terms
  • YUPIE – Proof that it is Yours, No longer Using it, Has to be a Perpetual License, Indivisible, First sale must take place in European economic area.
  • What does the market need to progress?

Secondary Market Directory

Campaign for Clear Licensing – Secondary market directory

IBM Cost Optimization Seminar

OriginaSoftcorner, and Fisher IT Asset Consulting  have teamed up to bring IBM users a complete solution to dramatically optimize their budget. By analysing real life case studies, IBM expert speakers will offer invaluable advice to attendees, which often results in multi-million pound savings on IBM software spend.

Attend this event to provide us with your feedback on IBM and:

  • Learn how to Gain control of your IBM licence compliance and avoid audit penalties averaged at 30% of your annual IBM spend
  • Learn how to optimize your IBM budget by selling unused licences and getting access to second hand ones down to -80% cheaper on the secondary software market
  • Save at least 50% on your annual IBM software maintenance, avoid unnecessary upgrades and get a better service

The event is a free to attend half-day breakfast meeting at the iconic One Canada Square tower in Canary Wharf, London on 4th November 2015.

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  1. David Foxen says:

    Great podcast. Second hand software licensing is something that still hasn’t properly kicked off, but as soon as one Enterprise Organisation adopts the method and has no legal or financial problems, then surely others will follow suit?

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