Please help with the CCL Audit Census

Audit Census

Audit Census: Please support Campaign for Clear Licensing research into Software Audit activity and the role of the big four audit firms

Please participate in our Audit Census

The purpose of this survey is to investigate current software audit activity. This research revisits themes from our software audit survey back in 2010 when we asked who was auditing most frequently and who was most helpful during the audit process?

We also look at the role of the big four audit firms (Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC). Are they adding much needed independent scrutiny to the process or are they getting in the way, hindering the progress of software publishers?

Please complete the CCL AUDIT CENSUS

Please provide your feedback regarding audit activity and the practices of the big four audit firms. All information shared will be in strictest confidence and will be published as a report throughout summer 2016.

Your privacy is important to us – see our privacy and confidentiality policy here.

Please complete the CCL AUDIT CENSUS

Thank you, Martin Thompson,

On behalf of the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL)


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