Podcast Episode 26: The Audit Monitor role

The Audit Monitor Role

The Audit Monitor role – Managing responsibilities and project managing software audits – making sure the baton does’t get dropped.

In this episode, recorded in September 2016, I was joined by Nico Blokland and Sean van Koutrik of In2SAM, a SAM specialist company from The Netherlands.

Nico and Sean discuss how agile methodologies can be applied to SAM implementation and the professional role of an “Audit Monitor”, someone within an organization for managing a software audit throughout the lifecycle from audit request to closure.

Discussion topics:

  • Overview of the Dutch market for SAM
  • Applying agile principles to SAM
  • The Audit Monitor Role – Definition and importance
  • ISO Standards (-0,-2,-3,-4), ISO Tags not ready for industrial scrutiny / audit defence just yet

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