Driving successful SAM Managed Service Provider relationships

I met with Gerben Vermeulen and Arjen Hamerling of Prof-IT group back in December in Amsterdam.

In this video we have a quick chat about driving a successful relationship with SAM Managed Service providers.

As independent SAM consultants, Gerben and Arjen are often sat between the customer and the SAM Managed Service provider trying to drive SAM implementation success – so it was interesting to learn of their perspective.

Topics covered:

  • Working with SAM Managed Service providers and generating team spirit
  • MSPs, Tools, Silver Bullets and expectations
  • A proactive approach to audit defence
  • The potential conflict between customer and MSP goals and how to keep MSPs motivated and onside

You can meet Gerben and Arjen at our SAM Technology Success day in Utrecht at the end of this month.


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