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Podcast Episode 45: Whether IBM is dying or pivoting – audits are getting more desperate

Whether IBM is dying or pivoting

Big Blue – dying or pivoting – either way audits are getting more aggressive

Ahead of our Australian conference in a couple of weeks time I spoke with Eric Chiu of HW Fisher and Glynn Thomas of Software Sense on IBM Licensing and IBM’s current approach to audits (Meet both Glynn and Eric in Sydney in November).

Whether IBM is dying or pivoting – Audits are getting more desperate

Topics include:

  • IPLA
  • Passport Advantage
  • The three main product groups
  • Acquisitions and blue washing
  • Legacy contracts and IBM standard contracts
  • Enterprise Agreements
  • Sub-capacity representing 60% – 75% of IBM spend
  • PVU rating and ILMT failings / gotchas
  • IBM current audit activity and the role of SAM
  • Whether IBM is dying or pivoting – audits are getting more desperate
  • What to do if there is a dispute

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