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Getting a head start with Internet of Things

There are many new areas of technology being talked about these days and, as an ITAM manager, it isn’t always easy to fully understand what they are and how they will impact the world of IT asset management.

Security as an ITAM stakeholder

With the growing links between ITAM and Security teams, we feel that the Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely an area of growing importance for ITAM professionals over the next few years. While as a concept, IoT may not be new – its appeal to businesses is getting ever stronger, and so ITAM departments must make sure they’re in a position to manage any and all risks that may arise as part of this technology. These could be pure ITAM risks such as license non-compliance and software over-spend, through to hybrid ITAM/Security issues around patching and locating devices on the network.

To help you get to grips with this rising star of digital transformation projects the world over, we’ve put together a white paper to help you get started with the Internet of Things.

What does it cover?

We take a look at what the Internet of Things is, what it does, and why it is of interest to so many different types of businesses. It gives an introduction to what it means in terms of security (both physical attacks and patch management) and how it can cause you to run afoul of your existing licensing agreements. We then look at the future of the Internet of Things and how it, and other elements, could lead to the rise of new teams or industry disciplines to better manage a changing environment. Finally, the whitepaper gives you a few key ideas on how to start preparing for the Internet of Things as an ITAM professional within your business.

Whatever level of engagement your business currently has with the Internet of Things, it always pays to be prepared. Download the whitepaper now and get familiar with a topic we are sure you will hear plenty more about over the next few years!

Download the exclusive whitepaper here


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