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Cloud skills key to ITAM salary growth

This article is a final call to participate in the 2019 ITAM Review Salary and Skills survey, and a short preview of some of the early results.

To complete the survey please follow this link:


I’ll be presenting the final results on the second day of Wisdom UK, our upcoming conference, on the 5th and 6th June. More details here.

This salary survey builds on previous surveys in 2014 and 2017. You can view a summary of the 2017 results here. In short: the Global ITAM salary average is £62K – a 13.3% increase from 2014, and female salaries are growing quicker than those for men.

Here are a couple of examples based on the first 100 responses:

Firstly, we asked participants to rate their expertise. No surprise to see desktop expertise (most people’s starting point) outstripping datacentre. Mobile was lower still, and cloud expertise was only at 4.87.

We can then compare this to salaries. For this example, I have only used USA based respondents. Generally, you can split the USA salary range into three sections, those earning less than $100K, those earning between $100K and $150K and those earning $150K plus. I have applied average skills ratings across these three segments.

In short, a key skills differential between those earning less than $100K and those earning over $150K is cloud skills. Whilst money isn’t everything, it certainly points to industry demand for expertise.

Commenting on the preliminary results, Matt Fisher from Livingstone Technologies, said:

“Although today cloud is considered by many to be beyond the core remit of SAM and ITAM teams, we are seeing the situation change rapidly as cloud software and infrastructure investments consume a larger portion of an organization’s overall technology spend.   ITAM professionals with an understanding of how to create and enforce cloud governance functions will continue to demand a premium.  But organizations also need to invest in the right technologies and services to better control their cloud spend.  As with the more traditional areas of ITAM, you still need a careful blend of people, processes and technology.”

To complete the survey please follow this link:

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I look forward to sharing the full results at our Wisdom conference, and online later in the year.


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