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LeanIX SaaS Intelligence (formerly Cleanshelf) review

LeanIX SaaS Intelligence (formerly Cleanshelf)

Name: LeanIX SaaS Intelligence (formerly Cleanshelf)

Description: LeanIX SaaS Intelligence provides automated discovery, management, and optimisation of enterprise SaaS Usage

Offer price: POA

Operating System: SaaS

Application Category: Enterprise SaaS Management

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LeanIX SaaS Intelligence offers very strong Discovery capabilities and makes good use of that data in identifying Cost Management and Optimisation opportunities.

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Cost Management


Privacy & Compliance


Employee Experience

SaaS Management Operations

Analyst Review

This review relates to Cleanshelf, the predecessor to LeanIX SaaS Intelligence. LeanIX acquired Cleanshelf in 2021

Product Capabilities

Cleanshelf discover SaaS applications via multiple methods. These include API, SSO, Finance integrations, and a variety of other data sources such as Cloud Application Security Brokers (Netskope), HR Information Systems, and Contract Management systems. Cleanshelf provide a single point of contact per client who are responsible for onboarding and delivering continuing customer success. The solution tracks licenses, provides monthly reporting & usage insights, offers contract renewals management and real-time alerts.


Cleanshelf offer the broadest discovery capabilities of all the participants in this research. Alongside this Cost Management is a core strength, meeting both core use cases for a SaaS Management tool. Contract management capabilities are strong and Cleanshelf is the only product to connect to existing sources of contract information such as SpringCM & ContractWorks. Cleanshelf also track the compliance status of SaaS vendors against requirements such as GDPR, SOC2, and PCI-DSS. There is a renewals calendar and workflow capability. Cleanshelf’s automated tool plus personal service approach is a strength that may be of interest to organisations without dedicated IT cost management staff.

Use Case Coverage

Cleanshelf Use Case coverage


There is limited coverage of the SaaS Management Operations & Employee Experience use cases.

Best for:

Mid-size & enterprise organisations seeking to identify SaaS services and licenses, measure utilisation, and control SaaS costs.

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