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Micro Focus tops poll of least helpful software publishers

Micro Focus

Micro Focus International plc (LON: MCRO) tops poll of least helpful software publishers.

Quelle surprise, audits are up during COVID.

A recent survey of ITAM Review readers has, perhaps unsurprisingly, revealed that software publisher audits are up during the global pandemic.

Micro Focus tops poll of least helpful software publishers, Microsoft was the most helpful.

These preliminary results are from the ITAM Review’s community survey – please share your views, the survey is still open here.

UPDATE: Poll now closed, view the full results here:

Around 20% claim a significant increase in audit requests whilst 27% have noticed a slight increase. Around 40% claim there is no marked difference in audit levels.

Micro Focus tops poll of least helpful software publishers

In terms of software audit volumes, only 7% of respondents had received no audit requests at all. 20% had received one, and 43% had received between 2-3 audit requests.

How helpful are software publishers?

Our survey asked ITAM Review readers who was the least helpful vendor in terms of audits (demonstrating aggressive behaviour, focussed on short term revenue). Micro Focus tops poll of least helpful software publishers. The results were as follows:

LEAST helpful

  1. Microfocus
  2. Oracle
  3. IBM
  4. Quest

Similarly, we asked who is the most helpful (constructive, takes the long-term view, offers help and guidance), the results were as follows:

MOST Helpful

  1. Microsoft
  2. IBM
  3. SAP
  4. Adobe

Interestingly, IBM scored highly at both ends of the helpful spectrum. Discussions with industry practitioners suggests this might be due to the partner requesting/delivering the audit for IBM. It would be interesting to know how satisfaction levels correlate with IBM’s new IASP program. I’ve heard  mixed views from the industry so far on IASP, please drop me a line or post a comment below to share your experiences.

Audit Survey – The full results

These preliminary results are from the ITAM Review’s community survey.

The full results will be shared during my online session at Wisdom North America 2020 on 29th September – 1st October (free registration required) and then published on the ITAM Review afterwards.

Please share your views, the survey is still open here.

Thanks, Martin

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