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Hello and thank you for visiting the ITAM Review. Our purpose is to provide an independent, unbiased view of the SAM, ITAM and Software Licensing market.

The ITAM Review began in 2008 so that anyone involved in the SAM or ITAM industry could share their expertise, feedback and opinions of the technology and services in the market for the benefit of others.


“The ITAM Review is an online community for worldwide ITAM professionals. Our mission is to provide independent industry news, reviews, resources and networking opportunities to Vendors, Partners, Consultants and End Users working in the areas of IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management or Software Licensing.”

An Online Magazine, Forum and Networking Platform for ITAM Professionals

“After almost a decade selling inventory and SAM tools I felt there was a real shortage of unbiased information about what was going on in the market and updates on the key players.

I originally started the site so that practical implementation experience could be shared amongst peers. Whilst there appears to be plenty of information regarding best practice frameworks and ‘what to do‘, there is a severe shortage of information on ‘how to‘ do it.” ~ Martin Thompson, ITAM Review founder.

The goal is to provide a free, impartial and independent forum for industry professionals to rate and review tools and services and share advice and techniques. Allowing readers to make informed decisions on their ITAM and SAM investments and strategy.

Global Reach

Thanks to the kind contributions of worldwide ITAM professionals The ITAM Review now boasts 1,450 independent articles and updates and attracts over 1.3 million visits a year (as of November 2016).

Since our content and research is freely accessible online we’ve been able to grow our readership and community membership 100% organically through word of mouth and social networking (Primarily Google Search, LinkedIn and Twitter).

Our largest audiences are in USA (~35%), UK (~15%), Northern Europe, India, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Readers and community members are typically 70% end user organisations, 25% resellers / partners / consultants / trusted advisors and 5% software vendors / ISVs. Our readers and community members are practitioners and doers, they are not seeking “what to do” – but rather “How to do it”.

Commercial Model

This site is 100% privately owned, vendor and service provider independent and impartial.

The ITAM Review operates a freemium business model, in that the vast majority of our content is free to consume.

The site is supported commercially via:

  1. Events (Sponsorship and ticket sales)
  2. Education (Training, Certifications and Market Research)
  3. Verification (Product and Service reviews and testing)

Meet the team

Martin Thompson, ITAM Research Analyst and founder

Twitter, LinkedIn

Martin enjoys spending time with his young family, fiddling with the Internet, drinking too much coffee and exploring the Wiltshire countryside on his motorbike.


Karen McAllen

Karen McAllen

Karen McAllen, Managing Director

Twitter, LinkedIn

Karen enjoys spending time with family and friends and can usually be found absorbed in Netflix box-sets, indulging in retail therapy or running in an attempt to keep fit.

She enjoys travelling and putting potential event venues through their paces!


Victoria Kealy

Victoria Kealy, Events Manager

Twitter, LinkedIn

Outside work, Victoria can be found flitting around like a social butterfly, feeding her retail therapy addiction or taking her King Charles on long country walks.

On lazy days, you can find her glued to the TV watching back to back reality shows.


Rich Gibbons

Rich Gibbons, Head of Content & Training

Twitter, LinkedIn

A Northerner renowned for his shirts, Rich is a fan of most films, Hip-Hop, travel, football in general (and specifically MUFC), Marvel and reading as many books as possible. Finding ways to combine these with software licensing is always fun!



AJ Witt

AJ Witt, ITAM Industry Analyst

Twitter, LinkedIn

AJ lives close to the New Forest National Park and enjoys cycling when his son isn’t keeping him busy with music, astronomy, and art projects.




Henry Lee

Henry Lee, Commercial Director


Henry lives in Wiltshire and enjoys spending time with his young family, walking his trusty hound and playing low grade village cricket! He enjoys nothing more than sitting down and chatting over a few ‘Flat Whites’, just don’t get him started about politics!

Marinela Cojocaru

Marinela Cojocaru, Head of Marketing


Marinela is a friendly and sociable person who enjoys traveling and discovering new places. She likes to stay active, enjoys long walks and going to the gym whenever possible. Her ideal Sunday would consist of a Netflix ‘marathon’ or reading a good book.



Team Ethic

A photo to encapsulate our ethic, as chosen by the team. A Banksy in High Halden, Kent, UK. Unconventional and innovative with an independent voice. Standing up for end user customers.

A photo to encapsulate our ethic, as chosen by the team. A ‘Banksy’ in High Halden, Kent, UK. Unconventional and innovative with an independent voice. Standing up for end user customers.


Some of the team at our 2018 UK Conference

10 Years of the ITAM Review

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Video Summaries

2016 Video Summary

SAM tool selection problems? Batman to the rescue!

Oracle Audit? ITAM Review to the rescue!

Get Involved

We believe everyone in the ITAM market should have their voice heard – from the one-man band consultant to the largest software companies in the world. The ITAM Review wants to hear from all ITAM practitioners from all countries and backgrounds; we want to hear about updates from newest of start-ups to the oldest of industry stalwarts.

Contributions are free and most welcome. It’s a simple trade; your expertise in exchange for raising your profile among ITAM Review readers. The only thing we ask is that it’s not a sales pitch for your products and services  – let your expertise do the talking!

Next Steps

To contact us please use the online contact form or connect via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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