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  • SAM Technologies have become a must, not a ‘nice to have’

    SAM Tools are now a basic must-have for any organisation I remember when I first started in the SAM industry and was looking to implement a SAM tool that at the time a number of professionals and IT staff told me that they were ‘nice to have’ but not essential. At the time I could...

  • Perpetual License Management in a Subscription World

    As we are all aware, the software licensing market is shifting towards a new model, a new way of doing things. This means a number of changes for SAM professionals, organisations and vendors. The biggest change is the way in which software licenses should be managed. Organisations...

  • SAM Tools and Contract Management

    Anyone within the ITAM or software licensing space are aware that SAM Tools provide a system for the management of software licenses throughout their lifecycle. You can add your license details manually into the SAM Tool from documentation like invoices, license agreements, financial...

  • Windows 10 Licenses: What You Need to Know

    In-case you have been in hiding or without any internet connection over the past six months, you may be aware that Microsoft have released their new operating system; Windows 10. Windows 10 follows on from Windows 8.1, which had moderate success within organisations (much better...

  • What does the ‘Cloud’ mean for ITAM?

      The term ‘Cloud’ has been a buzzword within ITAM for a few years now. We are constantly hearing about ‘cloud based storage’, ‘cloud based licenses’ and ‘cloud based software’. What exactly does the term ‘Cloud’ really mean for those within ITAM, and how...

  • End User Review [2] – We spend too much on Software

    Welcome to the second in our series for our new feature – The End User Review. We have had a number of entries for this feature, so thank you very much to everyone that has contributed so far. If you’d like to have your say, and your story told, please complete the review here. This...

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