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  • How to Prepare for the Future of IT Asset Management

    The Internet of Things revolution is fundamentally transforming businesses. The massive influx of IoT devices (all of which are basically computers) will save time and money and provide better value to customers, employees and other stakeholders. McKinsey estimates that IoT will create...

  • GDPR and the implications for ITAM Managers

    What is GDPR, why is it important & what impact will it have on ITAM Managers? Imagine this situation in two years-time from now. The ITAM manager for a large organization has been called to a board meeting. There has been a major data breach and a large amount of customer information...

  • Ending the vendor audit cycle

    Vendor audit cycle: audits have become so common in the enterprise IT landscape that they are beginning to be accepted as “business as usual.” This article has been contributed by Walker White of BDNA. Ending the vendor audit cycle Vendor software and hardware audits have become...

  • Quick guide to Microsoft BYOL (Bring your own licensing)

    This quick guide to Microsoft BYOL (Bring Your Own Licensing)  has been contributed by Deepika Shrivastava. Cloud computing has been attributed with increasing competitiveness through cost reduction, greater flexibility, elasticity and optimal resource utilization. With Cloud, there...

  • Using Pizza to explain IBM Sub-Capacity

    Using Pizza to explain IBM Sub Capacity By Mark Feinman – Siwel Consulting My wife is a very smart woman, but when it comes to explaining to her what I do in IT, I might as well be speaking another language. And so it went when I was trying to describe to her the difference between...

  • Secret IT Manager: Our IBM Audit Experience

    Firstly, apologies for not writing an article in so long; we’ve been extremely busy dealing with a recent IBM ‘review’. We learnt an awful lot during and post review, and I wanted to share my experiences with you. Obviously, I’m going to keep a number of details secret and...

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