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  • Amazon AWS Savings Plans – A new way to pay

    Amazon have introduced a new way to pay for Amazon Cloud Services – Savings Plans. Currently, the main way to save money on your Amazon AWS infrastructure is via Reserved Instances (RIs). These enable you to pre-purchase, for 1 or 3 years, types of Virtual Machines (VMs) at a discounted...

  • Wisdom Australia 2019 Speaker Spotlight: Amazon AWS and Microsoft licensing

    This is the third “speaker spotlight” article for Wisdom Australia 2019 – a chance for you to see some of the wonderful speakers and sessions we’ve got in store for you this November in Melbourne. If you’ve not yet registered, go and do it now –

  • Market Guide – Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)

    CASB vendors This month’s Market Guide looks at Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB). These tools, usually maintained by network or security teams, are a key component in governing cloud deployments, particularly SaaS. Their purpose is to discover, monitor, control, and secure access...

  • Oracle Cloud class action lawsuit – a deep dive

    Oracle are facing a class action lawsuit focusing on their cloud sales and whether they used improper tactics to falsify the success of their cloud products. The claim is led by Frankfurt based Union Asset Management Holding AG, an asset manager with almost $400 billion in assets...

  • Don’t let cloud adoption fool you – VMware are still relevant

    It’s easy to think, in these days of ever greater cloud infrastructure adoption, that VMware doesn’t have the clout they once did in the IT world. In fact, I recently had a client demote the vendor from their top 20 list, where they’d sat for many a year. More businesses are...

  • The CIO’s Guide to saving $4000 per employee annually

    This article has been co-authored with Dusan Omercevic, CEO & Founder of Cleanshelf  Executive Summary New research4 indicates that SaaS spending is topping $13k per employee per year. Of that spend, around $4k is wasted. This article outlines how strong stakeholder relationships...

  • Azure Dedicated Host – Microsoft’s new cloud offering

    Microsoft have recently announced a new service in public preview – Azure Dedicated Hosts. This new service allows you to run dedicated servers within the Azure datacentre – that is physical servers that are used solely to run capacity for your organisation. How does it work? There...

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