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  • SaaS is disrupting the IT management software market

    Forrester Research (Nasdaq: FORR) claim SaaS based tools are disrupting the IT management software market. The link to the report plus a couple of other reports relevant to IT Asset Management are below: How Big Is SaaS In IT Management Software?, November 17, 2008

  • Software Pirate Caught Selling On Auction Site

    The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has named the latest software pirate to be caught for selling illegal software. John Rothwell from Liverpool in the UK fell afoul of the BSA investigators when he tried to sell them £2,000 of Adobe, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Office and other software...

  • BSA Announces Four New Piracy Cases

    The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has continued to keep the pressure on those failing to use legal software after announcing a handful of successful cases in its fight against unlicensed products.

  • Clarity with Software Asset Management ROI Figures

    The UK based SAM consultancy start up, SAMPractice, has recently announced it’s first year results. Jason Allaway, CEO for SAM Practice said he was ‘delighted‘ with the results. Unfortunately the figures supporting their results look slightly dubious. Can SAMPractice...

  • Trading Standards Lends Weight to FAST Campaign

    The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) is to team up with Trading Standards in a pilot campaign based in Cardiff this summer. One thousand companies in the Welsh capital are due to be sent advice on how to achieve compliance followed up by visitors from Trading Standards. Trading...

  • Yet Another New Strategy From Rudderless FAST?

    It seems The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) has still not solved it’s life long identity crisis. John Lovelock, chief executive of FAST, now claims that FAST will now serve to “bridge the gap between software vendors and users”. With many software vendors...

  • For Every 10 Software Installs Worldwide, 6 are Paid For

    According to the BSA the UK Piracy rate dropped 1% to 26% in 2007. The BSA claims “The reduction follows significant investment by the BSA in both education and enforcement programmes over the last year in the UK. These include the launch of a dedicated, regional programme,...

  • BSA Puts the Brakes on Los Angeles-Area Car Dealership Group

    The Business Software Alliance (BSA) today announced that Miller Automotive (, a group of car dealerships located in Van Nuys, CA, agreed to pay $107,998 to BSA to settle claims that it had unlicensed copies of Adobe and Microsoft software on its computers....