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  • Manchester (UK) firms face pirate software blitz

    Manchester is the worst English city for software piracy outside London, according to an IT industry body which is trying to stamp it out. The Business Software Alliance is giving local businesses six weeks to prove themselves legal or face an investigation. The BSA intends to “reach...

  • UK Architects probed by software piracy watchdog

    Huddersfield-based (UK) architecture practice Above and Beyond is being investigated by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) for alleged computer software piracy.The BSA a global watchdog which represents the largest software companies and regularly fines offenders, is understood...

  • Fast tackles illegal software auctions

    The Federation Against Software Theft (Fast) has reiterated its determination to crack down on the sale of pirated software on auction websites. The announcement follows the launch of 17 auction piracy actions against individuals selling counterfeit software via eBay by the Software...

  • Software Piracy Hot Lists

    Interesting article by Enterprise IT Planet on the activities of the software piracy watchdogs. The ‘Hot Lists’ include “2007 Software Titles Most Frequently Pirated by Companies” and “2007 Software Titles Most Frequently Pirated from the Internet”. Software...

  • Two companies settle software copyright claims

    A refreshing change – the BSA is actually naming companies in their recent press release. TruStile Doors and Sentage have settled with the Business Software Alliance and agreed to pay fines for their use of unlicensed software. See the full story