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Category: IT Asset Management

The ITAM review focuses on the IT asset management field as part of our service we cover some of the latest news and stories in the area.

Below we have compiled a collection of articles around the IT asset management niche that will keep you informed of the latest developments in the area. We cover various IT asset management stories including case studies, best practice and thought leadership.


  • ITAM + DEX – a podcast with 1E

    In episode 113 of The ITAM Review podcast I talk to Jason Keogh, Field CTO of 1E, about Digital Employee Experience (aka DEX). We cover a range of topics including:  What DEX is and how it can help a modern business  The various ways in which it relates to, and crosses over with,...

  • 3 considerations before a move to Oracle Cloud

    In this article, Evan Boyd, Vice President of Software Licensing Consultants, examines the risks you need to consider before moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).   The competition for your Cloud services business has never been more fierce, even as tech behemoth Oracle...

  • We don’t talk about ITAM (no, no, no)

    At the recent ITAM Forum Leadership Summit a group of industry leaders and practitioners discussed strategies for growing the industry over the next few years. Two key and linked themes emerged: that we need to think about what ITAM means for our stakeholders, and that we as a profession...

  • Why ITAM deserves a seat at the FinOps Table

    In this guest article by George Arezina, Independent Global ITAM & FinOps Consultant, George explains why ITAM should have a seat at the FinOps table.   I think we can all agree, the use of public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) during the pandemic exploded, whilst organizations...

  • Interview Tips: How to win at job interviews

    With the recent publication of the 2022 ITAM Review Salary Survey, we thought it would be helpful to sit down with Damian Harris, Global Talent Acquisition Manager at ITAM Review Careers, to get some tips for smashing it in your next interview. With ITAM salaries continuing to grow...

  • The Software Licensing of Robots

    This guest article from Alex Cojocaru, Founder & CEO of, tackles the upcoming challenge of managing the software licensing of autonomous robots. No longer science fiction, robots are increasingly present in our day-to-day lives and in business conversations. If...

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