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Category: IT Asset Management

The ITAM review focuses on the IT asset management field as part of our service we cover some of the latest news and stories in the area.

Below we have compiled a collection of articles around the IT asset management niche that will keep you informed of the latest developments in the area. We cover various IT asset management stories including case studies, best practice and thought leadership.


  • Optimize SaaS Spend: How to Navigate To True North

    In this guest article, Uri Haramati, co-founder and CEO of Torii, examines the four types of company cultures when it comes to optimizing SaaS spend. Are you living in the Wild West, the Economical East, Secure South? Or have you found your True North?   How do you optimize SaaS...

  • SaaS Management for large organisations requires a cultural shift

    In this guest article, Andréa Jacquemin, CEO & Co-founder of Beamy, discusses why SaaS management requires much more of a cultural shift for large organisations than it does for SMEs, which are generally more agile due to having fewer legacy apps and can adopt SaaS more easily.   The...

  • Building the SaaS Management Operations program (whitepaper)

    In this second extract from our SaaS management whitepaper, co-written with Trelica, we explore the continuing growth in SaaS application usage and the new challenges and opportunities this presents IT operational teams. Download the full whitepaper (registration required) to explore...

  • News roundup – June 2022

    What happened in ITAM news in June 2022? Glad you asked… Here’s our roundup of ITAM news stories from June 2022 which weren’t quite big enough to warrant their own articles, but we think are still worth knowing about.   IBM pays BMC $1.6 billion for “stealing”...

  • How to build a SaaS Management Operations program (whitepaper)

    The continuing growth in SaaS application usage presents IT operational teams with a new set of challenges and opportunities. In this extract from our whitepaper, co-written with SaaS Management tool provider Trelica, we explore these challenges in detail.    Download the full...

  • Global ITAD market up 7.4% over next decade

    According to a new ITAD study by Future Market Insights, the IT asset disposition market is expected to reach US$ 31.8 Billion by 2032, up from US$ 15.6 Billion in 2022, expanding at a CAGR of 7.4%. FMI suggests that the growth can be attributed to factors such as strict data security...

  • Sustainability roundup for ITAM pros

    Here is a brief roundup of the most recent sustainability technology developments which you, as ITAM professionals, should be aware of. At our recent Wisdom EMEA conference, I provided an introduction to the topic of sustainability for ITAM teams. We firmly believe that the focus...

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