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Category: IT Asset Management

The ITAM review focuses on the IT asset management field as part of our service we cover some of the latest news and stories in the area.

Below we have compiled a collection of articles around the IT asset management niche that will keep you informed of the latest developments in the area. We cover various IT asset management stories including case studies, best practice and thought leadership.


  • Podcast: Building the relationship between ITAM & FinOps

    In this latest ITAM Review podcast, I speak with Wouter Deceuninck & Diederik Van Der Sijpe from Deloitte about all things ITAM & FinOps. Both Diederik and Wouter have extensive ITAM experience and have been working with organisations as they move to the cloud, and I have...

  • The state of ITAM community survey

    Hot on the heels of our salary survey results released at Wisdom NA last month (re-watch the session here), this month we look at the strategic direction of the ITAM profession with our State of ITAM Community Survey.   The State of ITAM Community Survey  Where does your team report...

  • FinOps Guide for ITAM Managers: Free download

    FinOps is another one of those evolving IT trends that is increasingly scanning across the ITAM manager’s radar – in fact we ran a session on it at our recent Wisdom North America 2022 event because of this. Successfully bridging the gap between ITAM & FinOps will...

  • SaaS Management is Exploding: Three Reasons Why

    In this guest article, Uri Haramati, the co-founder and CEO of Torii, explores the explosion of SaaS/cloud in the last decade and how IT asset managers are using SaaS Management platforms to take back control. If you want to hear more from Torii, tune into our recent webinar about...

  • Beyond the Patch: ITAM + Security

    In December 2021, we covered the Log4Shell/Log4J security vulnerability which was described as “the single biggest, most critical vulnerability of the last decade” – and how ITAM plays a role in helping organisations prevent and remediate cyber security threats. In this article,...

  • Flexera & IBM collaborate on hybrid IT governance

    IBM has announced two products designed to improve hybrid IT governance. First up is IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management, the first fruits of IBM’s acquisition of Turbonomic in 2021. By combining Turbonomic’s existing IaaS management capabilities with IBM’s AIOps,...

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