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  • Get a Review Copy of ‘Negotiating with Microsoft’

    ‘Negotiating with Microsoft’ by Daryl Ullman – A step by step practical guide to prepare for negotiating with Microsoft. I have a limited number of free copies of this new book to give away to readers who can provide a review. To receive a review copy please contact...

  • Managing Virtual License Boundaries

    There are three major types of virtualisation that need to be monitored and managed; Virtual Machines Virtual Applications Dynamic Partitioning In this article I explore each type of virtual environment, the licensing implications and basic fail-safe procedures and processes to...

  • Microsoft Licensing Quick Guide

    This Quick Guide is available in PDF format here. This Quick Guide to Microsoft Licensing has been provided by Matt Marnell of Holistics Inc. Introduction Volume licensing is a more affordable and generally much easier way to purchase and manage software within all but the smallest...

  • Windows 7 Useful Links

    Some useful resources for Windows 7: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Page Windows 7 Bible on CIO – Including ‘Desktop Features, Enterprise Features, Hands-on Reviews, Upgrade Advice, What Enterprise IT Thinks and Availability & Pricing’. Good round-up from ComputerWorld...

  • Trouble Finding Oracle on Your Network?

    I spoke to Pat Durkin at IQuate as his team prepares to showcase their technology at Oracle OpenWorld 2009 next week. Pat described how they have adapted their technology to allow their customers to gain an

  • Can You Outsource SAM?

    I met with a large corporate end user in the UK this week who is considering outsourcing the management of their software licensing and software compliance monitoring.

  • Quick Guide to Licensing Agreements: Future Proofing (Part 2/3)

    Timothy Nuckles is a technology lawyer from Madison, Wisconsin. He runs Nuckles Law , a technology law firm specializing in helping companies do better deals with IT Procurement. In this series Tim gives us a quick guide to negotiating more favourable licensing agreements. •  ...