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  • Can You Outsource SAM?

    I met with a large corporate end user in the UK this week who is considering outsourcing the management of their software licensing and software compliance monitoring.

  • Quick Guide to Licensing Agreements: Future Proofing (Part 2/3)

    Timothy Nuckles is a technology lawyer from Madison, Wisconsin. He runs Nuckles Law , a technology law firm specializing in helping companies do better deals with IT Procurement. In this series Tim gives us a quick guide to negotiating more favourable licensing agreements. •  ...

  • Boxing Clever With Software Agreements

    I recently corresponded with Thomas Hall, a legal practitioner who helps companies to implement IT initiatives and resolve disputes with IT Vendors. Thomas works primarily for customers but also trains company personnel with his “contracts that work” philosophy.

  • Licensing & Compliance

    One of the core subjects for the ITAM Review is Software Licensing and Software Compliance. Below is a summary of articles covering Licensing and Compliance from the archives:

  • Trading Surplus Microsoft Agreements

    I first came across Discount Licensing back in 2005 when they were introducing the concept of reselling licence agreements for insolvent companies. If a company were to go bust they could salvage some value from the agreements for the administrators.

  • ARTICLE: Cost Cutting Tips; Viewers and Free Alternatives

    One way to reduce software costs is to swap out certain applications for free, cheaper or viewer alternatives. I don’t mean big projects like moving from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice, or swapping out your CRM or ERP system for a cheaper alternative. But small tactical swap...

  • ‘Assuming’ Compliance Can Be Costly

    A short, concise video on the importance of being proactive and conducting your own internal audits before being approached by a software vendor.  The most important point made by GC Hutson from Sadien is that organisations assuming they are compliant is the most costly mistake....

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