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Category: Software Licensing


  • Oracle to buy Sun

    Just when you think you might have your Oracle Licensing in order, this goes and happens. The deal is priced at $9.50 per share in cash which equates to around $7.4 billion.

  • The Software Compliance Calendar

    Generally speaking, you can expect proactive software asset management initiatives from software vendors at the start of their financial year and more heavy-handed compliance enforcement towards the end. For example, Microsoft released the SAM Optimization model in July last year...

  • ARTICLE: 3 Steps to Negotiating Software Agreements

    Daryl Ullman is a Software Licensing Consultant at Emerset, a company he founded in 2004. Daryl has eleven years experience in IT including seven years at Microsoft in Israel. Here he shares his unique three step process for negotiating software license agreements;

  • ARTICLE: Profit Motives in Software Asset Management

    Business partners within the software licensing and software asset management market make their profits in different ways. An organisation engaging with a partner needs to be mindful of this before making a purchasing decision. The Software Licensing Reseller Licensing resellers...

  • Microsoft Licensing Schemes Explained

    Visit Miro Consulting for a great post clearly explaining the seven different Microsoft licensing schemes. Miro Consulting – Microsoft Volume Licensing – Which one is for me?

  • BBC Slashes SAP Licensing Costs

    The BBC has reportedly reduced it’s software spend by using software usage data on SAP licensing. Silicon reports that there were 2,126 staff members with licenses to use their SAP ERP system who had not logged in during a 3 month period, highlighting a potential  £300K ($450K)...

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