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  • Open Source databases to cloud vendors – get forked!

    Open Source software vendors are starting to fight back at what they perceive to be the misuse of their products by global cloud providers. Sick of other companies using freely available software to make money, certain vendors have introduced to license types to put a stop to it. Redis Redis...

  • IBM Licensing Essentials training added to LISA

    I’m pleased to announce that our IBM Licensing Essentials training course is now live and available to LISA subscribers. LISA is our on-demand online training from The ITAM Review. Eric Chiu delivering our on-demand IBM Licensing Essentials course on the LISA platform The IBM Licensing...

  • Oracle on VMWare: What to know

    Many companies use VMware as their virtualization technology. Many companies use Oracle as their database technology. It’s great that the two co-exist so well, making everyone’s lives that bit easier. If only! Running Oracle in a VMware environment can be confusing, illogical...

  • The definitive guide to Oracle on VMware – Webinar

    Licensing Oracle in a VMware environment can be full of risks and requires deep understanding and careful planning to ensure compliance. Join Rich Gibbons, Microsoft Licensing Analyst from The ITAM Review and Richard Spithoven of B-lay on this interactive webinar –  ‘The...

  • Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server

    The Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server (formerly Windows Server Azure Hybrid Use Benefit) has been around for some time now. It was announced in late 2017 that this benefit would be extended to SQL Server – and we now have details! What does it do? The Microsoft...

  • A quick guide to Open Source licensing

    What is Open Source? Open Source just means free, yes? No. Simply being free does not mean a piece of software is Open Source. The Open Source Initiative have an Open Source Definition, which is: Free redistribution Source Code included Derived Works allowed Integrity of the author’s...

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