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  • Maximising value from Oracle ULAs – On-demand webinar

    Do you need to get to grips with an Oracle ULA? Do you know what your options are if your company has one? How do you decide whether to sign one? And what should you do when a ULA is coming to an end? In December 2019 I was joined by Paul Bullen, Principal Consultant – Oracle...

  • Joiners, Movers and Leavers in ITAM – The ignored lifecycle

    A lifecycle that is too often ignored is that of the end user.  Within ITAM, we will react to software and hardware installations, patches and upgrades with an operational efficiency that can appear automated.  Yet when it comes to moving or recovering those IT assets in respect...

  • Everything you need to save money on your next maintenance renewal

    Saving money on your next maintenance renewal This resource provides some pointers on how to save money on your next maintenance renewal, support contract or subscription. It is a guide to the webinar recorded on the 30th March 2017, available on demand here: This...

  • How to sweat software assets

      How do we make our software assets work hard and generate every last drop of value? Our 12-box training module last month covered automation and the ITAM request process (82% of you told us you had semi-automated ITAM requests, 18% were still doing things manually). This month...

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