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Fundamentals of Contracting – EMEA Training

  • 24th - 25th February 2020
  • Online - Zoom

Join Martin Chalkey online to learn about the Fundamentals of Contracting at our live two day Training Course.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

About this event

Contract management essentials for non-professionals and those starting a career in the commercial world

This 2-day course, based on the World Commerce & Contracting’s (formally known as IACCM) Fundamentals of Contracts, delivers understanding of the principles of contract administration across all five stages of the contract lifecycle. ​

It focuses on the administrative aspects of contracts, the transition process after contract signature, change and dispute management. ​

It considers the commercial relationship, the importance of partnership and outlines different negotiation styles and strategies that can be employed to reach satisfactory outcomes. ​

It will give you the confidence to manage relationships with customers or suppliers and the skills to manage costs and risk.​

The program focuses on teaching contemporary best practices in a manner which the student will find interesting and immediately useful in both their personal and professional life.​

Objectives and understanding

  • Contract lifecycle management from contract initiation to contract close-out​
  • The processes involved in managing contracts in a professional working environment​
  • The customer’s and supplier’s perspective of the process​
  • How to evaluate suppliers and their bids and proposals​
  • The importance of relationship management in achieving successful outcomes​

The course includes an exam.  You would be sent a link on the morning of the first day of the class which gives you access for 30 days to take the online exam through the World Commerce & Contracting web portal.


Course Timings:
The times below are based on GMT.

Day 1:
09:30 – 12:30 (with a 15 minute break at approx 11:00)

12:30 – 14:00 (1hr 30mins lunch break)
14:00 – 16:30 (with a 10 minute break at approx 15:10)

Day 2:
09:30 – 12:30 (with a 15 minute break at approx 11:00)

12:30 – 14:00 (1hr 30mins lunch break)
14:00 – 16:30 (with a 10 minute break at approx 15:10)

Course Prices:

Maximum Places:
12 places

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Who should attend

  • Individuals involved in or supporting contracting who want to improve their commercial management skills​
  • Individuals in functions such as software development, test, software asset management, project management who need practical training in commercial management​
  • General audiences wanting to gain a basic understanding of commercial management. ​
  • New starters in Contracts and Procurement.​
  • Account Managers, SAM Managers, Licencing and Relationship Managers, Program / Project Managers, Functional and Subject Matter Experts, Finance Managers, Software development / test.​


Session 1

Essential elements of a Contract
Overview: what is a contract?​
The role and activities of contract administrators​
Tools supporting effective contract administration
Overview of the contract management lifecycle

Session 2

Requirements development and management
What goes wrong before we start​
The importance of requirements in contract administration​
Developing statements of work that deliver for both parties​
Choosing the right relationship

Session 3

Tender strategy and evaluation:
Tender documents and the buyer perspective​
Bid and proposal management; the seller perspective​
Evaluating contractors, their proposals, post bid clarifications, approvals​

Session 4

Contract Structures
Understanding contract terms and their role in administering contracts​
Active terms (terms that affect cost and schedules)​
Passive terms (terms that affect risk)​
Opportunities to share cost and risk reduction thru creative contracting

Session 5

Negotiation preparation:
Picturing the negotiation​
Why negotiate?​
When to negotiate​
What to negotiate​
Who negotiates?​
Where to negotiate​
How to negotiate​
Negotiation styles and tactics​
Negotiation objectives definition

Session 6

Transitioning to a new contract
Communication and implementation​
Kick off meetings, culture and attitude​
Understanding the contract and managing stakeholders​

Managing changes and disputes
Initiating and documenting change​
Contract claims, disputes and their cause​
Resolving common operational disputes​
Avoiding a dispute and the formal dispute resolution process

Session 7

Managing performance
Key performance indicators and service level agreements​
Contract targets and other measurements​
Regular management of the contract​

Closing out contracts
Contract close out process​
Continuing obligations​
Termination practices

Session 8

Managing the supply base
Measuring and managing different supplier segments ​
Attributes of a strategic supplier partnership ​

Driving the right relationships for mutual success
The value of enhanced supplier relationship management ​
How to coordinate and collaborate with your suppliers ​
Top tips for developing closer relationships with suppliers​

At the end of this course you will understand
How to prepare for & take the World Commerce & Contracting  Contract & Commercial Management Fundamentals examination​
The significance and role of contracts and contracts professionals in the world of business​
The contract management lifecycle and the elements essential to each of its phases​
Basic risk assessment techniques​
The principles and process of contract negotiation​
Effective contract delivery and operations post-contract signature​



Martin Chalkey, Independent Trainer

Martin has 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. Martin has a wide range of experience – Vendor Management, Commercial Management and Procurement and IT Asset; Configuration Management, in both the engineering and public sectors before delivering consultancy engagements for Gartner. More recently he has been providing consultancy and training across the UK, Middle East, Australia, Africa and West Asia. Martin has wide ranging experience, from supplier relationship management, sourcing strategy development, commercial management to service delivery and performance management. His main driver is looking at the commercial opportunity available to an organisation and ensuring that they achieve value for money spent. Martin has worked with clients across many industries including oil and gas corporations, clean energy, airports, telecommunications, systems integrators, printing and office equipment, tax authorities, international charities, local and national government, construction, engineering and rail, environment agencies, research organisations.

Why you should attend

Program Benefits

  • Understand and manage discussions about contracts in a commercial context​
  • Manage supplier and customer relations to achieve a positive trading environment​
  • Contribute to pre-contract signature activities, increasing the chances of successful contract outcomes​
  • Understand how to manage both risk and opportunity in contracts​
  • Know enough about contract law to avoid basic errors and when to involve experts​
  • Be aware of the steps required to support contract implementation​
  • Know how to engage in contract change with positive outcomes for both customer and supplier​


Testimonials and reviews

I’ve enhanced the organisation’s perception of the contacting function

“You have shown me that there is so much more that the contract function does than initially meets the eye. Yes, it’s true that we implement compliance and rigour into the commercial process, but actually the department is the beating heart of our business.”

Why is that? Very quickly we learn that without proper contracts, an organisation has little notional value. Contracts are tangible assets and represent the worth of the company. Poor contracts result in high value leakage, which is often readily apparent, causes frustration, disputes, delays and excess cost. The course highlights how to identify common sources of value leakage and how to fix them.

Mahmoud El Jacques, Commercial Manager, Leighton Middle East Construction.


Our contracts now do so much more than manage risk

“The course streamlined our knowledge about how a contract represents different facets of a company. I’ve realised it’s more than a legal document discussing risk management and mitigation. It actually supports all departments.”

“The contract is many things. For some it’s an operational tool used by the project manager, technical, delivery and resourcing teams. To others it’s a finance tool, regulating the financial aspects of the deal. And it’s also a reputational tool as the contract states much about who we are as a company. CCMP shows you how to make it easy to do business with your organisation whilst maintaining governance and corporate oversight. We can be rigorous without creating an adversarial environment”

Rami Kalamouni, Country Procurement Manager, IKEA Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

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