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  • Free Webinar: Back to BYOL Basics

    • Thursday 9th June 2022

    More and more of the work we do is moving to cloud – but what does this mean for those using and managing on-premises software? Bring your own license, or BYOL, makes it possible to use existing on-premises software by bringing previously purchased licenses to public cloud. Join...

  • Free Online Tools Day by The ITAM Review

    • Thursday 30th June 2022

    Join the ITAM Review and a range of ITAM tools and services providers as we take a look at what’s important, what’s new, and what’s next for ITAM in 2022 and beyond. The session features: Industry insights from The ITAM Review Tool & Service demos (short and focused!) An...

  • Free: The ITAM Review Cloud Summit 2022

    • Thursday 27th October 2022

    The business adoption of cloud continues to increase – organisations are spending more money on more services in more clouds and show no signs of slowing down. The growth of cloud presents several opportunities for ITAM to become more aligned with, and integral to, your organization’s...

Recent events

Wisdom EMEA 2022

15th & 16th june, london

Take advantage of the flash sale here. Hurry, the offer ends at 6pm BST on Wednesday 1st June. Use the discount code WISDOMFLASH at checkout to claim your 2-day conference pass. Save £376 on your ticket now.