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  • Unrivaled insight into the end-user experience, see what they are experiencing first-hand

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    • Eli Van de Weyer
    • Omar Barekzai
    • M Abdeen
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  • RayVentory is a versatile inventory and discovery solution for comprehensive visibility of complex networks, via agent or agentless, from desktop to datacenter

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    • George Arezina
    • C. McCoy
    • Anonymous
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  • Ivanti License Optimizer is a software asset management (SAM) solution that delivers clarity on what software you have and how it’s being used to model and improve your effective license position. Now you can gather the insight you need to minimize cost, defend audits, and support transformation initiatives across all IT environments, including complex data centers and the cloud.

    • Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients

    Discover and inventory IT assets, aggregate vendor data, and monitor software usage. Plus, you gain a broad view of how users interact with software applications to ensure license compliance while reducing software overspending.

    • Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers

    Takes software asset management (SAM) into the data center. It navigates through layers of virtualization and clustering, enabling it to identify and manage assets on-premises and in hybrid cloud environments. The solution automates data center discovery, reducing the risk of human error inherent in manual scripts.

    6 User reviews
    • Katherine Olson
    • EGarcia
    • Stuart Ince
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  • License Dashboard is a competitive offering forged at the rock face of everyday SAM and implementation in the real world. We applaud the audit centric approach, audit level scrutiny for audit ready results. This is a straightforward and modern solution, suitable for small organizations, large enterprises, partners or delivered as a managed service.

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    • Lauren Skeels
    • Anonymous
    • LM User
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