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The ITAM Review certify tools and services against the following Certifications:

SAP License Management Certification


Enterprise SaaS Management Certification


Inventory & Discovery Certification


Oracle Database License Management


Enterprise SAM Tools


IaaS Tool Certification


The approved ITAM Tools and Services listed on this page have been certified against one or more of these Certification standards. Certified tools are assessed against the certification standards by an analyst who carries out a detailed review, interviews the product management team, and gathers customer references to confirm that the tool meets the certification standard in real-world use. 


We also welcome user reviews of certified IT asset management tools.


Our certifications are regularly updated to meet industry trends and new use cases. Existing certifications are re-assessed to ensure that certified tools meet these new use cases.


If you are a tool or service provider and wish to learn more about our Certification programmes please contact

Certified SAP License Management Tools & Services

Certified Oracle License Management Tools & Services

Certified Enterprise SAM Tools and Services

Certified Enterprise SaaS Management Tools & Services

SaaS Management Tools Certification v2