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InvGate review

Comprehensive ITAM & ITSM solution with next-generation interface.

Incident Management Group Test 2016

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55% Analyst Opinion

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Elevator pitch

Invgate is an Argentinian software company offering Service Desk and Asset Management applications. InvGate claim to have a strong market share in their home Latin American territory and gaining traction in USA and EMEA. The company has over 3000 customers and is ideally suited to organizations between 1,000 and 5,000 employees. InvGate is well placed to take advantage of both smaller organizations that have outgrown cheap and cheerful solutions and larger organizations that are perhaps weary of the large price tag and consulting heavy approach of large enterprise players.


  • Code free configuration / Low consulting requirement
  • Strong interface and user experience
  • Next generation IT Management Tooling
  • Strong embedded game mechanics


  • No server / service dependency mapping

Comprehensive ITAM & ITSM solution with next-generation interface

InvGate offer standalone ITAM or ITSM solutions via an excellent interface. This is a strong solution and we found it difficult to find fault with it. One-third of InvGate customers are said to own the Service Desk only, one-third Asset Management only and the final third own both. 

A world-class interface and user experience

The stand out differentiator when reviewing InvGate is the interface and user experience. They have managed to capture very technical IT management capabilities and communication of IT data – in a remarkably well-designed interface.

The balance between ITAM and ITSM features, ease of use and flexibility is beautifully executed. This is the future of IT management tools, tackling IT complexity head-on.

Code free configuration and first-class design means customers won’t need to engage with consultants to customize the software or ask for custom fields, they can simply do it themselves.

Getting beyond ITIL process box checking 

InvGate includes a versatile and easy to use process engine to build any process, including core ITIL processes – but it’s refreshing to see this requirement take a back seat in favour of pure usability and experience.

This is technology your teams and stakeholders will want to use. The user experience and simplicity of execution is head and shoulders above anything else we have seen.Image title

A game everyone wants to play

Invgate Service Desk has game mechanics and social network elements woven into its design and day-to-day interactions. Customers or end users provide immediate feedback and ratings to interactions within the workflow itself (as opposed to receiving an email later).

Social network elements are executed well, it not just ‘likes’ and ‘feeds’ but provides a visual and easy to understand ‘RACI’ chart of the key stakeholders underpinning each service desk process. Interactions are natural and collaborative whilst meeting process goals.

See also ‘GAMIFICATION: Collecting coins on the service desk’ from 2012.

Comprehensive Asset Management

InvGate Assets includes agent or agent-less inventory scanning as well SNMP based asset discovery of networked assets. Software and hardware characteristics are recorded along with quite granular software usage history. InvGate Assets also includes the ability to control security configurations such as USB port blocking, monitor adherence to IT policy and whitelist/blacklist and remove software.

As with InvGate Service Desk, their Asset Management offering is easy to use and well thought out. Asset data can be viewed within the Service Desk experience, including engaging in a remote desktop control session directly from a ticket, or via a separate Asset Management console for Asset Managers.

Software license management capabilities are stronger than the average ITSM tool – including the upgrade and downgrade rights, prioritized license allocation and optimization. However, InvGate Assets has no dedicated software recognition catalogue so set-up and on-going maintenance will be more labour intensive compared to competitive specialist SAM tools.

InvGate Assets also includes a powerful and intuitive search facility and the ability to link asset management functions to the software request and software deployment functions – therefore automating much of the software asset lifecycle.Image title

Intuitive reporting and analytics

We were impressed with InvGate’s reporting and analytics for both Assets and Service Desk. Dashboards, drill down and customization of reports are useful and easy to understand. The ability to build custom reports is, again, beautifully executed and very useful. Service Managers can build remarkably useful reporting themselves without the temptation to delve into Excel and build pivots. Reporting is usually a clumsy afterthought for many IT management toolsets – InvGate have done a first class job on theirs.

Unclogging work in progress

InvGate Service Desk provides a very useful and intuitive high-level view of the timeline of incidents to determine where blockages exist. Service Desk managers can see a bird’s eye view of the complete timeline of an incident and any bottlenecks by reviewing who the incident was assigned to, how long it sat in a queue and what the hold-ups were. Was it held-up due to agent delay or the customer? It’s a great way of trouble shooting incident management processes and unlocking efficiency gains.

Lacking service dependency mapping

InvGate offer a compelling integrated solution for ITAM and ITSM with an outstanding design. Our only small criticism is that InvGate lacks a server and service dependency mapping. Relationships between assets and users are executed very well for end user customers and their assets – but not for servers and the services dependent on them.Image title

Features overview - Assets

  • Agent & Agent-Less Asset Discovery
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Software Deployment
  • Automated Software Removal
  • Software Usage Metering
  • License Management
  • Endpoint Security (including USB Port Blocking)
  • Financial & Lifecycle Management
  • Change Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • LDAP integration with Permissions
  • Seamless InvGate Service Desk Integration

Features Overview – Service Desk

  • Email-to-Ticket Conversion
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Ticketing / Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Alerts
  • Automated Ticket Routing
  • Automated Escalation Rules
  • Self-Service Web Portal
  • Customizable Views
  • Custom Report Builder
  • Time Tracking
  • Business Analytics Reporting
  • User Surveys
  • Workflow automation
  • Gamification

Vendor information - in their own words

InvGate Assets and InvGate Service Desk 

“InvGate:InvGate delivers the best of breed ITSM and ITAM solutions to all corners of the globe.  While both modern and intuitive, InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets Manager blur the lines between powerful features, scalability, and ease of use.InvGate Assets Manager:InvGate Assets is an all-in-one IT Asset Management tool that allows IT teams to audit, configure, and control all devices connected to a their network in a remote and centralized way. Assets provides the easiest, fastest, and most effective solution for managing complex IT infrastructures to increase efficiency, minimize cost  and make smarter IT decisions. Typically implemented in less than 4 hours, the platform provides a web-based user-friendly interface that reduces training time and enhances the client experience.InvGate Assets has over 100 functionalities, including Automatic Software and Hardware Inventory, Network Discovery, Change Audit and Management, Remote Desktop Control, License Contract Management, Software Usage Analysis, Software Deployment, Financial Lifecycle tracking and End-point security. InvGate Service Desk:InvGate Service Desk is a web-based ITIL ready solution with unprecedented user experience. Offering Incident, Problem, Change, Asset & Knowledge processes, Service Desk provides unmatched collaboration between users, powerful automation & smart ticket management.We offer multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS or On-Premise implementations that are up and running in minutes, not days or months. Intuitive configuration, point-and-click administration, and accessibility to knowledgeable support staff ensure your deploy is ahead of schedule."