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Softline Solutions review

Softline Solutions

Softline Solutions is an independent SAM Managed Services provider with a strong offering for European customers.

Softline Solutions
Vendor Softline Group

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88% Analyst Opinion

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Elevator pitch

Softline Solutions is an independent SAM Managed Services provider with a strong offering for European customers. Scores • Expertise Score: 80.00% • Company, Infrastructure & Methodology: 91.40% • Average Customer Reference Score: 88.03%


  • Complete SAM service. Can be the SAM department for customers
  • Full SAM Lifecycle management
  • Focus on people, processes and technology
  • Promotes SAM education and communication within customers
  • Customisable service with lots of support offerings
  • Scenario modelling (what if? And license optimization)


  • Small team / resources compared to competitors

Softline Solutions offer an impressive SAM service with the resources and expertise to act as the entire SAM department for the customer. We found the team to be passionateabout SAM, software licensing and their ability to make a difference with customers.

Softline Solutions recognise the importance of managing software licensing throughout its lifecycle. We believe this is a differentiator compared to other providers in thisreview as they can help support an organisation from the point of request, right through to the retirement of a software licenses. Softline Solutions will also help theircustomers manage the license effectively and ensure it is being used correctly throughout the lifecycle.

On top of the managed technology layer, Softline Solutions provide a license desk, called SAMdesk that gives remote support for license registration and support tocustomers for impact analysis and license questions. The ITAM Review believes that this method of support is fantastic, and is a common element of a strong MSP offering.

Their approach to SAM education and communications was refreshing. SAM Education is based on practice and experience, and is designed to help customers to understandwhat to do and what not to do when it comes to SAM within their organisation.

Softline Solutions’ services are extremely customisable and bespoke, with lots of different support options. Compared to competitors, we found that SoftlineSolutions allow their customers to either pick and choose from their existing services, or have a completely unique and bespoke experience.

Softline Solutions help customers with their scenario modelling, creating ‘what if’ scenario’s for various vendors, risks and software budgets. We were impressed with SoftlineSolutions’ approach to scenario modelling and helping their customers plan for the future, both from a software compliance and financial perspective.

Softline Solutions service uses Flexera FlexNet Manager Suite. Softline Solutions states that Flexera software’s detection functionality and a library for stock keeping units,FlexNet supports a large variety of complex license models, automates the identification of software products, versions and editions and aligns software inventory and purchases.

Softline Solutions states they currently have an international SAM team that consists of more than 40 employees who focus on the topic of SAM. About 30% of these arelocated in their German office in Leipzig, whereas about 60% is located in the Netherlands, 5% in Belgium and 5% in Paris, France. Softline Solutions profit from consultingand managed services, they do not sell software licensing.

Customer References

“We are very satisfied with the consulting services of Softline Solutions, helping us to get a compliance overview, to develop processes and to fulfil softwarecompliance audits. Besides the licensing support (maintaining license purchases) and the technical support (tool maintenance and development), we are also usingthe SAMdesk of Softline Solutions, which helps us to clarify small licensing questions within a short period of time”
“Let Softline Solutions help you to create and maintain the SAM processes in your organisation!"