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SoftwareONE review


SoftwareONE’s 3000+ technology consultants across 145 countries help customers optimize their software spend by ensuring their IT investments are cost-effectively roadmapped from a compliance, commercial, and technical perspective through our comprehensive Software Portfolio Management methodology.

Services Managed Services, SAM Managed Services, Entitlement Management
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85% Analyst Opinion

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Elevator pitch

A software licensing and SAM specialist with huge worldwide resources to support clients. Scores: • Expertise Score: 93.30% • Company, Infrastructure & Methodology: 74.30% • Average Customer Reference Score: 84.54%


  • Large number of experts and in-house resources
  • Expert support for all major SAM solutions
  • Delivery management reports allow the customer to see how progress is going with the engagement
  • Offers Q&A’s with experts (based on package)


  • Customer options can be rigid, not as bespoke as competitors in this review
  • Makes money on software licensing – potential conflict of interest

SoftwareOne started to offer SAM Managed Services in 2008 in response to a small group of customers that identified the fact that a 1-time project was no longer enoughsubstance for software license management and software asset management.

The first strength of SoftwareOne’s MSP is the fact that they have a huge number of in-house experts and resources. SoftwareONE boasts over 300 consultants that are basedall around the world. The ITAM Review believes that this result in a huge SAM knowledge base, with all of the different elements of SAM covered.

SoftwareONE states that they provide expert support for all major SAM solutions. The ITAM Review believes that this is a massive positive and puts SoftwareONE ahead ofsome of its competitors. SoftwareONE state that they have a number of in-house experts for all major SAM tools which will add significant value to the customer, and willhelp cut out the need to speak to the SAM Tool vendor directly, which can be frustrating and time consuming.

We were impressed with the Delivery Management Reports; a project management / governance solution offered to customers. This is a really useful way for the customer tosee the progress that is being made by SoftwareOne.

Furthermore, we were also impressed with the way in which SoftwareOne make their experts available to customers for a Q&A session, whereby customers canask experts anything they want about SAM. The ITAM Review found the customer options for building a service to be more rigid than competitors in this review.

SoftwareOne state they have over 300 dedicated SAM Consultants. The role, which is specifically for the Managed Service, is the role of the SAM Analyst. Currently,SoftwareONE state they have 79 SAM Analysts globally, across 30 countries.

SoftwareOne claim their SAM services are part of a larger software portfolio management organization that provides compliance and governance services, along with technology road mapping and procurement services.

SoftwareOne offer clients a Strategic SAM Framework Assessment and Maturity Program or a SAM Process Assessment to identify the maturity of a client’s SAM processes.Both of these services include onsite interviews with key SAM stakeholders.

SMS Project Tracker (Project Dashboard)

SoftwareONE state they provide the client with two options to increase their maturity:

  • Provide a Best Practice Recommendations document. The purpose of this document is to outline the key areas that allow a client to successfully manage the softwarelifecycle, and to provide a policy around software provision and software use.
  • The creation of customized SAM process that is based on ITIL but also take into consideration the current process of the client.

Using the client’s preferred SAM tool, SoftwareONE states they create a breakdown report to show the client’s current asset information. SoftwareONE claim they try andachieve a coverage rate of 95% or more on all machines, including client machines and servers.

SoftwareOne services are designed to leverage technologies that the customer may have already invested in, but also introduce new technologies which may be beneficial to the customers Software Asset Management program.

Finally, SoftwareOne make money from software licenses and selling tools. This may represent a conflict of interest for some customers and not be an issue for others.


“We are very happy with the responsiveness of our SAM Managed Service Provider. The quality of service provided is also now at a very good level.”“I recommend SoftwareOne”