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LicenseWatch have a focused SAM solution aimed at the Mid-Market.

LicenseWatch takes a feed from Microsoft ConfigMgr and can be configured to receive the latest changes on a scheduled basis. As an optional step administrators can also ask LicenseWatch to communicate audit schedules back to ConfigMgr to execute.

Data is imported in three forms:

  • Add / Remove Programs
  • Application Files
  • WMI Data

What it adds to SCCM Data

Once imported LicenseWatch applies its software recognition logic:

  • Upgrade and downgrade rights are calculated (e.g. We’ve bought Windows 7 licenses but we’re actually using a previous version)
  • Secondary Use Rights (Some vendors allow users to use their license on a second machine, such a home device or virtual machine. Both Microsoft and Adobe include second use rights in their licensing programs and it can be costly to overlook it)
  • The Licensable Status of Software – cut to the chase – just show me what applications need a license
  • Indicative Value – This is very clever – LicenseWatch use lookups from various websites to estimate the value of software – very powerful if you want a quick view of risk
  • Software is categorized
  • Applications are organized into Product Bundles, Families and Suites

LicenseWatch includes support for various license types including device, concurrent, CPU, CAL, site license etc. LicenseWatch also includes features to help with Contracts Management such as reminders and management of maintenance contracts and subscription licensing.

Organizational structures and business units can be built dynamically based on Active Directory, HR structures or dynamic machine characteristics.

The LicenseWatch software recognition process is open and transparent and is delivered via an easy to use interface. Administrators can easily see the different inventory sources used in the software recognition process and the logic behind each step.

Enterprise Integration

LicenseWatch can connect simultaneously with multiple inventory systems and offers support for various virtual platforms such as:

  • VMware ESX (V-Center)
  • Citrix XenApp
  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • App-V

This is a strong SAM offering for the Mid-Market from LicenseWatch – if you have invested in SCCM and are looking to gain visibility of licensing this is definitely one for the shortlist.

From the brochure:

The LicenseWatch SCCM Edition combines the power and flexibility of LicenseWatch and the support for multiple SMS/SCCM installations, integration with other sources among others Citrix and VMware and a complete overview of the company´s software licenses, contracts and obligations.