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Hans Moorkens

SAP Licensing Expert

Hans has been involved in many global Software Asset Management advisory and license compliance engagements, related to software compliance, optimisation and vendor negotiation. He is a Senior Manager at FisherITS  responsible for the overall delivery of Compliance Optimisation and SAM Maturity Transformation programs.

SAP Licensing Training from LISA by The ITAM Review

Over licensing of SAP user licenses can lead to significant wasted software spend, while finding oneself non-compliant in an Indirect Access scenario can lead to large audit bills.

Delivered by an independent expert consultant, our SAP licensing training course covers a range of topics including:

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ITAM Review Certified SAP License Management Tools

The ITAM Review has certified the following SAP License Management Tools as meeting our standard for SAP License Management

Product Features Overall Price Buy Now

USU Software Asset Management for SAP

  • Ease of Use - 0%
  • Return on Investment (ROI) - 0%
  • Technical Support - 0%
  • Customer Service - 0%
  • Overall Satisfaction - 0%
USU Software Asset Management for SAP

Snow Optimizer for SAP Software

  • Customer Review - Customer Service - 84%
  • Customer Review - Value for Money - 86%
  • Customer Review - Customer Support - 83%
  • Customer Review - Recommend a Friend - 83%
  • Customer Review - Overall Satisfaction - 80%
Snow Optimizer for SAP SoftwareLeave a review for Snow Optimizer for SAP Software