Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship PackagesConference Sponsorship Packages

Following our landmark UK and USA conferences in 2016, The ITAM Review team is pleased to launch an exciting series of global conferences and webinars in 2017.

The main focus of our conferences in 2017 is to continue to address the challenges that our readers face on a day-to-day basis, in particular how to manage an ITAM practice in the cloud era.

Whilst cloud spend might only represent a small proportion of overall IT spend, we’re finding that most modern agreements that our readers are signing include cloud elements. Modern IT Asset Managers are now required to manage their assets and license agreements in hybrid cloud environments, with myriad devices types, mixed ownership models and increased demands for innovation.

The ITAM Review visits Utrecht, London, Florida and Sydney throughout 2017. Packages range from simple exhibition space to full content marketing and lead generation packages.

2017 Conference Locations

2017 ITAM Review Conference Locations

2017 ITAM Review Conference Locations

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Webinar Sponsorship

Our educational webinar series in 2016 generated over 2,000 registrations and 2,000 playbacks. We continue our educational approach in 2017 by providing online seminars based on hot topics as chosen by our readers, see partial list below:


  • Containing costs for IaaS (Google, Amazon, Microsoft)
  • Managing SaaS and subscriptions
  • SPLA management
  • Virtualization (Identifying candidates, transition, cost management)
  • Virtual desktop
  • Streaming – how to control and optimize


  • Financial accounting
  • Stock keeping assets
  • Closing the gap between discovery and inventory
  • Desktop inventory
  • Discovery and hardware asset management basics / fundamentals
  • Hardware asset management best practice
  • Datacenter HAM
  • Hardware disposal best practice
  • Mobile / data / risk reduction
  • Management, optimization mixed ownership environments


  • BYOL
  • How to substitute / work with vendor specific tools e.g. ILMT
  • Licensing on any major licensing programs / vendor
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (for organizations, when a vendor mergers)


  • Migrating to Windows X
  • Document, optimize and automate any ITAM process
  • How ITAM can add value to security
  • ITAM policies and how to build
  • Evangelize and enforce
  • Migrating to Office 365 / Renewal / Optimization
  • Promotion of ITAM internally / how to evangelize / spread the word
  • Women in ITAM
  • Career paths and opportunities in ITAM
  • Data Center modernization

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