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  • Gartner MarketScope for the IT Asset Management Repository 2013

    Gartner analyst Patricia Adams published a new ‘MarketScope’ for IT Asset Management Repositories last month. View a reprint here. In case my link sets off the Gartner intellectual property fire alarm (as it appears to have done in previous years) you can also view a reprint via...

  • Dipping your toes into ITAM consulting water

    This article has been contributed by Kevin McGrew of AssetGurus. IT Asset Management consulting is an exercise in showing domain expertise to IT managers with no time, no budget and no tolerance for sales speak. Key to winning business is a familiarity with existing asset management...

  • Disruptive Technology to Upset the Agent vs. Agent-less Debate

    IT Management tools need to communicate with the networked devices they manage. There are two main schools of thought on how best to achieve this. Shall we place a piece of code (an agent) on each device to collect information and manage that device or shall we use the network itself...

  • Seven Observations From Reviewing 17 SAM Tools

    Here are a few insights from reviewing 17 market leading SAM tools over the last few months: 1. GREAT TECHNOLOGY First of all there is some great technology out there.  As someone who is looking at this technology on a weekly basis I found myself surprised at how far the market has...

  • Gartner MarketScope for the IT Asset Management Repository

    Gartner have released a new Market Scope for ITAM repositories. It is available to read here courtesy of CA. Alongside the usual rating of vendors is a very good snapshot of the ITAM marketplace. They provide an insightful summary of the current trends and market drivers and a useful...

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