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  • Adobe and The Cloud

    In this video, Patrick de Veer of b.lay describes what exactly the Adobe Cloud is, recommends some techniques for end users when negotiating with them and how to keep up with the pace of their audits. Patrick will be speaking on day 2 at both our UK and USA conferences this year...

  • Oracle Best Practice Guide – Part 2

    This is the second in our series on Oracle Best Practice. To view part 1, please click here. This part of our Oracle Best Practice series is all about Oracle audits, and what to do if you are unfortunate enough to be audited by Oracle or Oracle LMS. ORACLE AUDITS Do not ignore Oracle! If...

  • Audits are getting out of hand

    In this video: What I learnt at the IBM & SAP Seminar in London last week The state of audits in the software industry An update on Campaign for Clear Licensing activity Support the Campaign and supercharge your licensing knowledge by joining our events in New York next week:

  • The Retaliatory Tactics of Mega-Vendors

    I was recently commissioned to write a whitepaper by Concorde Solutions. The executive summary is as follows: “The IT Industry is facing four major disruptive trends: The Migration to Cloud environments Consumer-led Demand Austerity and Transparency The Retaliatory Tactics of Mega-Vendors The...

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