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  • É chegada a hora de SAM no Brasil?

    É chegada a hora de SAM no Brasil?[Centro do Rio de Janeiro]Editors Note: A warm welcome to André Rangel, contributing our first article in Portuguese. Um caminho para redução dos custos de TI, riscos associados e aumento da eficácia operacional. Ainda mais evidente nestes dias...

  • How do you convince the CFO?

    Stop the CFO from wanting to show you the exit As an IT asset management consultant, I’m in this business because I want to be remembered for making a difference. But ‘making a difference’ can mean different things to different people. For the CFO for example, making a difference...

  • How to teach your CFO about ITAM

    The relationship between IT asset management, finance and procurement is the subject of the upcoming Gartner summit (10-11 October in London) and builds on recent research into the growing importance and inter-relation of these three topics.  So with this in mind here are some thoughts...