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  • A Guide to Governing Remote Work

    ITAM teams have a critical role to perform in governing the rapid transformation we’ve seen to remote working worldwide in 2020. In this article we examine what’s changed, where ITAM teams should focus, and what you need to do to get to grips with the world of remote work. What’s...

  • How to Use COVID Cost Cutting to Make ITAM More Strategic

    This article was written by AJ Witt, ITAM Review and Kim Weins, VP of Cloud Strategy, Flexera. As the pandemic and the resulting economic slowdown begin to ripple through a wide swathe of industries, companies are seeking  to tighten IT spend for 2020 and beyond.  Software asset...

  • Community Survey: Software Publisher Audits during COVID-19

    Software Publisher Audits during COVID-19 Have software publisher audits stepped up as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak? Auditing customers is a tried and tested means of generating revenue for software publishers during a downturn – but has the threat of audits materialised?...

  • COVID-19: Won’t someone think of the vendors?

    2020 has been tough globally – on businesses of all types – but won’t someone think of the vendors?  When it comes to planning your next 12 – 24 months, it’s important to consider the impact on software vendors and how this might ultimately impact you, their customers. Won’t...

  • Podcast episode 83: COVID-19 and ITAM

    We’re at least 3 months into the COVID-19 outbreak and still learning more details about the virus on a regular basis. This is also the case for businesses – everyone is still working to understand exactly what the impact is for them, how they can mitigate it, and what the long-terms...

  • What long-term changes will COVID-19 bring to ITAM?

    Ahead of our upcoming conference – Wisdom EMEA online (June 9-11), we spoke to some of our sponsors and asked “What long-term changes will COVID-19 bring to ITAM”? The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on 2020 for countless people and businesses...

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