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  • What is a CMDB?

    Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 10: What is a CMDB? Whiteboard Wednesday is me, a whiteboard and learning about all things IT Asset Management (ITAM), every Wednesday! This week, CMDB. What is a CMDB and what value does it bring? Please like,...

  • New global trade body announced to push the ITAM industry forward

    A new trade body for the advancement of the ITAM industry ITAM teams enjoy more seniority and board level exposure than ever before. Research by The ITAM Review in 2018 suggested that ITAM teams reporting into the CXO has increased from 17% in 2011 to 37% in 2018. “ITAM is ascending...

  • Formulas for Financial Justification of Your ITAM Project

    This article has been contributed by Mark O’Connell  a Senior Principal Consultant with Siwel As an experienced SAM Manager in a new organization you’ll know how much you’re likely to save over the short to mid-term if you can obtain funding to implement a serious SAM plan....


    Emotion. It’s a strong word with even stronger consequences. It’s something that organisations do not focus enough time and efforts on managing or listening to, in my opinion. I believe this is wrong as people’s emotions can play a massive part in a new function’s success. When...

  • How could ITAM have helped the Equifax CIO?

    Former CEO of Equifax Richard Smith testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Image source YouTube, click image to watch the video. The credit rating firm Equifax suffered a security breach resulting in the loss of 140m+ personal financial records. The CEO and CIO...

  • How to beat Azure and AWS sprawl?

    Readers tell me Azure and AWS sessions face the same sprawl challenges as virtual machines or really useful apps How readily are organisations adopting cloud-computing platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS? What are the blockers to adopting this kind of elastic computing...

  • 12 Box Sample Output

    A common question we have received regarding our 12 Box ITAM Maturity Assessment is: “What does the output of the assessment look like?” I have included a few screenshots below. In a nutshell, as a result of completing the assessment: Each organization receives a heat-map...

  • Empire State of Mind?

    Spare us six minutes and we’ll put you in a Empire State of Mind – and also give you a great earworm to start your week! David, Glenn and I provide a preview of our upcoming events in New York in May (With apologies to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys)

  • Introduction to Software Asset Management [Video]

    One of the main aspects of IT Asset Management, also known as ITAM is Software Asset Management (SAM), has seen a large increase in demand and interest in its services in recent years, and SAM professionals are now considered a niche, with established, specialist professionals in...

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