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  • Micro Focus Academic licensing guide

    Micro Focus Academic Licensing There are three agreements available for Academic institutions: VLA for Education Academic License Agreement (ALA) School License Agreement (SLA) VLA for Education For this agreement, the rules are very similar to those for the commercial VLA which...

  • Micro Focus licensing guide: Government & non-profit

    Image by Jackelberry from Pixabay Government entities purchase via the “VLA for Government” and the rules are very similar to those for the commercial VLA – these can be found here. Qualification for the program Qualifying government entities must meet all of these conditions: Perform...

  • Micro Focus Support guide

    Following this Micro Focus Support guide – be on the lookout for our Academic, Government, & Non-profit guides soon! Image by ar130405 from Pixabay Maintenance & Support Micro Focus offer both “Business Support” and “Premium Support” which provide access to new...

  • Micro Focus Commercial Licensing guide

    Following this Micro Focus Commercial Licensing guide – be on the look out for our Academic, Government and non-profit, and Support guides soon! Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay There are two agreement types for commercial businesses: Volume License Agreement (VLA) Master License...

  • Getting to know: Micro Focus

    Image by StockSnap from Pixabay We all often talk about the “Big 4” Tier 1 vendors – Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM – but more and more, increasing amounts of attention must be paid some of the smaller vendors. Often referred to as “Tier 2” vendors, they include software...

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