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  • Recent news roundup – Audits, acquisitions, and lawsuits

    Audits, acquisitions, and lawsuits There is always something happening somewhere and keeping track of it all can be, to say the least, difficult! Our ITAM industry news round ups aim to cover some of the important and interesting developments you may have missed, to help keep you...

  • Microsoft Robotic Process Automation (RPA) licensing

    Microsoft admit the robots are coming! The Microsoft Product Terms for April 2020 contained a little gem of information that, despite the lack of associated fanfare, is actually pretty significant. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a growing area of business – the idea of...

  • Microsoft Licensing Online Summit: A Recap

    On December 11, 2019 we ran our 3rd Online Summit – “Making Sense of Microsoft”. This was our most successful Online Summit to date with 724 registrations from 44 different countries across 5 continents, again showing that Microsoft, and ITAM, really is a global concept! While...

  • Pre-owned Software: Yes, it’s okay

    This article has been written by Rich Gibbons of ITAM Review and Michael Vilain of Relicense. The pre-owned software market has been around for longer than you think but is still very much in the growth stage. It exists primarily in the EU (and also Norway & Switzerland*) and...

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