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Tag: Microsoft Product Terms


  • Microsoft Server Subscriptions for Azure

    Added into the May 2018 Microsoft Product Terms, we have Server Subscriptions for Azure AKA on-premises software via the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) program. What is it? This new offering covers: Windows Server Standard Windows Server CAL Windows Server External Connector Windows...

  • Microsoft Product Terms changes – April 2017

    Visual Studio 2017 The latest release of Visual Studio is now in the Product Terms. Editions available are: Professional 2017 Professional 2017 Subscription Enterprise 2017 Subscription Test Professional 2017 Subscription MSDN Platforms This can be found on pages 35/36 of the April...

  • Microsoft Product Terms Update for January & February 2017

    Keeping up with changes to Microsoft product terms is a full time job! In this article Rich Gibbons provides an update to the key changes for January and February 2017.  Microsoft Product Terms changes – January 2017 System Center Client Management Suite This license was a...

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