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  • Red vs Blue, why Red Hat acquisition may revolutionise IBM

    Image Credit: Robert Couse-Baker 2018 is shaping up to be the Year of Open Source as industry giants scramble to invest in the software and infrastructure powering modern applications. This year has already seen Microsoft acquire Github and donate many of its patents to the Open Invention...

  • Open Source databases to cloud vendors – get forked!

    Open Source software vendors are starting to fight back at what they perceive to be the misuse of their products by global cloud providers. Sick of other companies using freely available software to make money, certain vendors have introduced to license types to put a stop to it. Redis Redis...

  • Another six aim for Open Source licensing fix

    Microsoft, SAP, SUSE, Cisco, CA, and HPE have joined an initiative to help combat open source licensing difficulties; reducing the penalties forinadvertent non-compliance with open source license terms. What’s it all about? The GNU General Public License (GPL) is one of the most...

  • GitHub Open Source licensing tool

    GitHub, the online home of over 20 million developers, have open-sourced “Licensed” – their own, internal tool for managing Open Source licenses. What does it do? This tool is aimed at helping developers work towards compliance with the license terms of Open Source dependencies...

  • A quick guide to Open Source licensing

    What is Open Source? Open Source just means free, yes? No. Simply being free does not mean a piece of software is Open Source. The Open Source Initiative have an Open Source Definition, which is: Free redistribution Source Code included Derived Works allowed Integrity of the author’s...

  • SAMS Europe 2014 Event Review

    SAMS Europe The ITAM Review was recently the ‘Premium Media Sponsor’ at the SAMS Summit Europe 2014 event in Berlin, Germany. This was the third year that we.CONECT hosted the SAMS Europe event, which included an awards ceremony after the first night. I was also fortunate enough...

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